Master Las Vegas Gardeners Looking For You Or You Can Call Them

It never fails with this Las Vegas landscaping blog. We love to read and research all topics of landscaping in Las Vegas and beyond. And with this post, we thought it high time to focus in on some Master Las Vegas Gardeners who live among us. And as you know, where there is a Las […]

Best Custom Las Vegas Backyard Barbecue Dreams Come True

Hello, again, from your favorite Las Vegas landscapers! Time for another installment in our Las Vegas landscaping blog. Sometimes we get so focused in on grasses, lawns, plants, flowers, swimming pools, and trees when we plan and think about our Las Vegas landscaping projects that we forget about some of the other components that can […]

Las Vegas Landscaping Tips: Fall is Time to Plant

Hello, Rob here from Las Vegas landscaping company Desert Springs Landscaping. For the previous several months we have been writing this Las Vegas landscaping blog to help you maintain and/or create your dream Las Vegas yard. And for this blog, we look ahead a little bit to the fall, which is right around the corner. […]

Las Vegas Landscapers Can Make Your Home Worth More

Hello! We really haven’t focused in much on the new Las Vegas landscaping website we helped launch recently. But recently this website,, published an interesting article about how your Las Vegas landscaping will increase the value of your Las Vegas home. “Curb Appeal” is one of the best ways you have to increase the […]

Las Vegas Landscapers Make Your Garden and Lawns Green and Healthy

Is there a better feeling than having a healthy and vibrant, green lawn? Not really, we don’t think. But then we are Las Vegas landscapers and may be a bit biased. But think about it: How many times has someone commented about how nice your “yard” looks. What they most likely mean is that your […]

Las Vegas Landscaping Tips From the Las Vegas Valley Water District

Hello, summer is in full swing and we know how challenging of a time it can be to keep up with your Las Vegas landscaping. As, hopefully, the Las Vegas landscapers of record, we enjoy sharing some tips with you about how to ensure your yard landscaping, lawns, plants, and grasses survive the 100+ temperatures […]

Las Vegas landscaping and swimming pool service

Weekly Pool Service Hello again, Rob here from Desert Springs Landscaping, LLC, your Las Vegas and Southern Nevada landscaping company. We also own and operate Environmental creations, a Las Vegas landscaping and swimming pool service maintenance company. Our swimming pool cleaning and service staff is certified and we guarantee our services. As we do regularly with […]

Las Vegas Landscape Photos Reveal Lawns, Gardens, Pools

Las Vegas Landscape Photos I’m tired. Sorry to be so blunt, but I am pretty tired this week. It’s tough–but fulfilling–work to make the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada yard landscaping dreams come true for you people. I am joking, of course. But, using “being tired” as an excuse is the perfect reason to use […]

Las Vegas Gardening Experts Reveal Summer Tips and Ideas

Hello, Rob here again from Desert Springs Landscaping, LLC, your Las Vegas and Southern Nevada landscaping and gardening experts. With this blog, we focus in on some Las Vegas gardening and landscaping tips and ideas. First off is that many of you refer to landscaping as “gardening” while others refer to “gardening” as landscaping. We believe […]