Las Vegas Landscaping Maintenance Tips for the Summer of 2013

Hello again. This is Rob, from Desert Springs Group, your home for Las Vegas and Southern Nevada landscaping and swimming pools experts. Amazingly, the summer of 2013 is already here so we thought it would be a good time to offer some Las Vegas landscaping maintenance summer tips to ensure your lawns, plants, and trees […]

Las Vegas Landscapers Reviews Make Our Day Brighter

We take pride in what we do here at Desert Springs Landscaping. We serve our Las Vegas and Henderson landscaping customers to the best of our ability. It’s always a satisfying feeling to complete a project and see the faces of our customers who now have their dream yard. And what truly makes our day […]

Las Vegas, Henderson Landscapers Offer Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools, Yards

Sometimes we get so caught up in our everyday business and serving our customers that we forget that maybe some people don’t know all of what we offer here at Desert Springs Landscaping. We are Las Vegas and Henderson landscapers who can provide you with pretty much anything you need when it comes to your […]

Southern Nevada Water Landscape Rebate Still In Effect

Some of the most frequent questions we get are about the Southern Nevada Water Landscape rebates. People have a variety of questions surrounding this special Las Vegas landscaping rebate, but one of the most notable is: Are the rebates still in effect? The answer is Yes! These special rebates which offer homeowners and businesses a […]

Las Vegas Landscaping Tips For Spring From Experts

Spring is officially in the air, and the weather in Las Vegas is near perfect much of the time. This is the time of the year when we all enjoy spending time in our yards. Spring is also the perfect time to take an inventory of your yard and landscaping, and either spruce it up […]

Best Las Vegas Landscaping Awards Photos, Entries Accepted

We live and breathe Las Vegas landscaping on a daily basis. Because of that we get to see and many times implement some truly beautiful and awe inspiring yards. We really do make backyard dreams come true. And even if we didn’t make those dreams come true, we still appreciate quality and the best Las […]

Perfect Trees, Shrubs For Around Las Vegas Swimming Pools

Have you ever heard the saying, “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance?” Well, it’s a good one and is meaningful in life in many different ways. And it is extremely important when you are thinking about creating your Las Vegas landscaping project. Too many times we come upon homes with overgrown trees and landscapes, and all […]

Las Vegas Landscapers Facebook Likes “Grow Like Grass”

Wow. When we launched this new Las Vegas landscaping website about our company, Desert Springs Landscaping, we also created a brand new Facebook page to go along with it. The response has been tremendous, and we are now at more than 425 likes on our page (and growing), and we appreciate all of the support. […]

Las Vegas Swimming Pools Construction Start to Finish in Facebook Video

Our company name is Desert Springs Landscaping, but as some of you understand, a popular component to your overall Las Vegas landscaping is a swimming pool. So we want to make sure our current customers and potential new Las Vegas landscaping clients realize that we offer all landscaping services. Those services from design and construction […]