Eye-popping Las Vegas landscaping visions become reality with 3D Design

First, a piece of advice and this isn’t to knock down other landscaping companies in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Anthem, Southern Highlands, Green Valley or any others areas in our great city. Here’s the advice: If you are thinking about beginning a landscaping and/or swimming pool project and the company you are […]

Best Las Vegas Landscapers Ensure Major Rebate Deal

The best Las Vegas landscapers are the experts at Desert Springs Landscaping LLC. They know it all and can create, build and maintain your dream yards. Plus, they know exactly how to make sure you get ther $3 per square foot landscape rebate provided by the Southern Nevada Water Authority when you switch to desert […]

Cal Flame Grilling Perfection Comes to Desert Springs and Las Vegas

So, recently I ran across this post with the headline, “If you want grilling perfection …”. Obviously, I immediately stopped what I was doing to read it. The post detailed the precision grilling capabilities of the innovative Top Gun™ 5 Burner Convection Grill. My mouth was drooling already. The good news for you now reading this […]

Las Vegas swimming pool plastering experts reveal options

These days, plastering a swimming pool to give it an exquisite look isn’t how your parents or grandparents would do it. Many different options now exist to give your pool plastering project the best and most unique look possible. That’s not how it has always been. No more light blue or white only. Variety abounds. […]

Travertine is Perfect for Backyard Patios, Pool Deck, More

Many of you are familiar with Travertine tile, but probably only think about the beautiful and functional tile for indoor use. Now you are probably thinking to yourself, ‘why in the heck is an outdoor landscape and design company owner writing about it.’? Well, Travertine tile is also a perfect choice for an outdoor patio […]