Shares Top Backyard Landscaping Trends

We all know since the pandemic hit that spending time in our Las Vegas backyard landscapes has become even more important to all of us. That is as true in Las Vegas, Henderson, Anthem, North Las Vegas, Summerlin and anywhere in Southern Nevada as it is throughout the United States.

And our landscaping experts here at Desert Springs Landscaping are always keeping up with the latest backyard trends, and we took particular interest in an article on the website of the legendary television host and accomplished home and yard designer, Bob Vila.

The article was, “16 Landscaping Trends You Can Expect to See This Year“, and even though the article was written in 2020 by contributor Heather Blackmore, a lot of the trends are holding up in 2021 and we are helping implement the trends and create dream landscapes for our customers in Las Vegas.

The article begins by discussing “sustainability”, which is always a very important topic when it comes to Las Vegas landscaping.

Blackmore wrote, “As sustainability becomes more a lifestyle goal than merely an esoteric idea, homeowners are looking for new ways to ‘smarten up’ their landscaping with eco-friendly features. Time-sucking gardens that require fertilizers, regular watering, and constant primping are becoming a thing of the past as climate-focused plant choices and money-saving operating systems surge to the forefront in the pursuit of a smaller carbon footprint.”

We couldn’t agree more and have been helping our customers transition from lush lawns to water-friendly landscapes by taking advantage of the rebates available from the Southern Nevada Water Authority. What is great is you don’t have to sacrifice beauty or functionality when you go to a Las Vegas xeriscape.

Maybe the favorite trend we are witnessing in Las Vegas, and mentioned in the website article, is people making the backyard more livable and creating areas similar to family or living rooms outdoors. With our year-round climate, Las Vegas is perfect for backyard living.

From Blackmore: “To get the most out of their landscapes, whatever the weather, homeowners are incorporating elements like outdoor heaters, pergolas, and awnings, according to the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). Landscapers are focusing on trees and shrubs that offer multi-season interest in the way of flowers, fruit, attractive textures, and fall color.” Landscaping trees should be well-maintained through tree trimming and pest control. But if there are dying or rotten trees in your property, you may have to get rid of them with the help of a tree removal service.

We can design yards with state-of-the-art 3D technology and your new dream yard–with living spaces–comes to life right before your very eyes.

Our other favorite trend we have seen and that was mentioned in the article is drought-tolerant plants: “Water districts across the country are limiting water consumption for landscape-related use. Drought-tolerant plants like Russian sage, lantana, and succulents are great for injecting color and texture into water-poor landscapes without the risk of a hefty water bill or a fine from the authorities.”

As we mentioned, the Southern Nevada Water Authority rebate available to take out your grass and we can help you with the entire process.

Thanks for reading and we will share additional trends as we move along in 2021. Give us a call at 702-436-8080 for a free quote and consultation and let us make some magic in your backyard.

Thanks for Reading. — Rob, owner.