My One Regret about My Desert Springs Backyard Project

We all have regrets and I have a huge one when it comes to the backyard that was created by Desert Springs Pools and Desert Springs Landscaping. As the calendar has turned 50 for me this year and I begin to reflect on things, I deeply regret that we didn’t go ahead with our backyard swimming pool and landscaping project much sooner. 
It is now a true paradise and our whole family loves it.
We have three kids–now college-aged or older–and by the time we went ahead with the project, our daughter was off to college and the two boys were finishing high school. They all would have enjoyed the backyard more had they had it when they were growing up.
Our project consisted of creating an improved grassy area, a re-surfacing of our pool with beautiful pebble tec, brand new LED lighting, new and expanded cool decking, and the best part, a brand new fire pit that has become a meeting place and hang out spot for everyone.
How did we not do this sooner?!?!?!?!?!?
The fire pit has become a social hub and allows family and friends to connect no matter the time of year. Either with the fire blazing in the cooler days and nights or just lounging around it during the hotter days after a swim or hot tub session. It’s the perfect spot for a glass of wine or to eat a little barbecue.
The experts at Desert Springs did the job and did it right. They provided 3D renderings during the planning process prior to completion and that gave us the peace of mind about exactly how the project would look. They were with us every step of the way and now their pool maintenance team does our weekly maintenance so the project is totally stress free.
So, the moral of the story is, get moving on creating your backyard dream scape. There is no time like the present and each day is a missed opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime.
Contact the owner, Rob, for a free consultation at or 702-436-8080. You will be glad you did.
–Brian Hurlburt