Fountain of Youth is Found With Cal Spas Las Vegas

We’re all searching for it. And any way we can find it–within reason–we will do to attain it.

What is it?Cal-Spas-Fountain-of-Youth-Girl-in-spa-towel-1

It is the Fountain of Youth.

Legend has it that anyone who bathes in a Fountain of Youth will have youth restored. Stories of such fountains, springs and waters have been told forever and forever ,and are found in the oldest literature books. Well, we can’t tell you if an actual Fountain of Youth exists, but we can guarantee that a Cal Spas Fountain of Youth spa is about as close as you will find.

We are an official Cal Spas partner in Las Vegas and are certified to share and sell these award-winning spas. We welcome you to come by our showroom to view them or give us a call at 702-436-8080 for more information.

This is the description from the official Cal Spas website about the Fountain of Youth spa: “The Fountain of Youth™ is a new patented hydrotherapy that rejuvenates your body and skin, making you look younger and feel better. The gentle effervescent sensation and silky feel of the water are signs that your body is benefiting from the super saturated water filled with billions of oxygen rich micro-bubbles. These micro-bubbles, increase oxygen levels in the water and blankets your body, energizing skin cells, stimulating the immune system and collagen production, killing bacteria and promoting healing. Hydrate your body, plump your skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles with the Fountain of Youth.”

Younger. Feel better. Rejuvenates. Gentle effervescent sensation. Silky feel. Promoting healing. And the list goes on and on of the benefits of enjoying a soak in a Cal Spas spa.

Today, Cal Spas is a celebrated hot tub maker and is world renowned as the #1 Global Manufacturer of Home Resort Products. Cal Spas produces premium collections of lifestyle products from its headquarters in Pomona, California and distributes worldwide through a network of specialty dealers.

Call or email me today at 702-436-8080 or Re-capture your youth today. — Thanks for reading, Rob.