Structure Studios 3D Landscaping Software Makes Desert Springs Shine

Ever since we implemented software from Las Vegas-based Structure Studios, we’ve never looked back and business has been terrific. The software our five qualified and highly-skilled Las Vegas landscape designers here at Desert Springs Landscaping utilize is 3D landscaping software Vizterra, VIP 3D and/or Pool Studio. What that means to you as a customer is that you will pretty much see from the very early planning stages exactly how your Las Vegas landscaping project will look at the completion of the project. There’s very little guess work or a sales person trying to convince you of a vision. We provide a 3D visual design–basically your landscaping fantasy coming to life–prior to each project.Las Vegas landscaping 3d rendering

Structure Studios is a Las Vegas company, and that makes utilizing their award-winning software extra special. We have been a Vizterra, VIP 3D and Pool Studio proponent for more than half-a-decade, and over the years our team has communicated with Structure Studios designers about how best to utilize their services and software. Plus, at times, our team has suggested ideas that have made the software even more magical.

3D Landscaping Software Makes Us Shine

You can check out a recent Las Vegas landscaping 3D design we created by clicking this official link. We had to do a double take to make sure we were posting the 3D design and not a video of the final product …

About Structure Studios: The company  was born in 1999 when founder, Noah Nehlich, was bored by yet another homework assignment to create yet another flat, 2D network diagram. He decided to model his layout in 3D–and realized from everyone’s enthusiastic response that he had stumbled onto something important: People Love 3D.

We agree. People love 3D, and utilizing this software is a win-win for everyone involved. Because of the detail that is created by our 3D landscape designers, our customers have a comfort level heading into the design phase. That comfort level translates to much more satisfaction for the customer, and an extremely streamlined process for everyone involved.

We here at Desert Springs Landscaping love everything about 3D and appreciate the work and continual dedication of Structure Studios. We look forward to continuing to work with their team well into the future, and eagerly anticipate each of their updates.

We know that each time we create a Las Vegas 3D landscaping design utilizing this state-of-the-art software, someone is that much closer to a dream Las Vegas landscaping project becoming a reality. And that makes us pretty happy around here. Call us today at 702.436.8080 to get started. Thanks for reading. –Rob, owner, Desert Springs Landscaping.