Star Nursery Gardeners Calendar Great Guide For Las Vegas

With the weather officially turning to winter, it should serve as a reminder to all Las Vegas landscapers and homeowners who have lawns, gardens, trees, plants and other vegetation that it is important to keep up with the seasons to ensure the best for your plants. Star Nursery, as usual, offers a great tool for all of us. The official Gardeners Calendar gives a month-by-month look at what you need to be doing with your yards. You can click now to view this Star Nursery Gardeners Guide and we will go through of the highlights in this article.

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Since January is right around the corner as this is being written, here are some of the Star Nursery landscaping tips and ideas.

Star Nursery Gardeners Calendar

First off, and this seems easy, but take care of your lawn. Be careful walking on your grass in early mornings if frost is present because your foot prints can do damage. Also, the Star Nursery landscaping experts offer these others insights: “Mowing should not be often needed during this month. Fescue should not be cut short at any time. Fertilization with high nitrogen fertilizers like WinterGem™ is appropriate now.”

Pruning is also very important in January. Prune deciduous trees and shrubs and also roses. Roses need to be dormant to fully thrive in the next blooming season. By pruning them back in the winter, this allows them to rejuvenate and to be beautiful in the spring and summer.

Dormant spray fruit trees and roses. By doing this you can prevent future pests and diseases. Also, now is a good time to to plant Roses, Dormant Pot roses and Fruit Trees. Enjoy some of our beautiful winter days and get out and plant. Or call us and we can help.

As Star Nursery says, this Gardeners Calendar offers “When to do what for better gardens.” Check it out today.

Enjoy winter and remember that now is the time to plan for a beautiful spring and summer.