The Five Best and Most Affordable Tips to Make Your Las Vegas Landscaping Shine

Best and most affordable Las Vegas landscaping tips and ideasMost Affordable Landscape tips

We get the question all of the time here at Desert Springs Landscaping, your one stop source for all of your Las Vegas and Southern Nevada landscaping needs. Homeowners always ask us, what are some simple, easy and affordable ways we can rejuvenate our Las Vegas landscaping? Well, you’ve come to right place because we have some wonderful ideas for you that we can easily implement in your yard that will go easy on your wallet and that can be completed in a matter of days. So read on for our best Las Vegas landscaping ideas.

The Five Best and Most Affordable Tips to Bring Your Las Vegas Landscaping to Life

1. Landscaping lighting is a big key that will make your home shine in the evening. Have you ever sat on your patio or driven up to your house in the evening and thought, “why does my yard seem drab and ordinary?” Well, fear not, because our experts can add lighting in key places (these days we are starting to use more and more LED landscape lighting) and your yard will go from “the house and backyard next door” to “THE house and backyard next door.” You will be amazed at how much a new Las Vegas landscaping lighting system will bring your yard to life.

2. Another easy way to rejuvenate your Las Vegas landscaping is to refresh your planters. It’s not your fault that over the years maybe the planters in the yard have deteriorated a bit and maybe need some tender loving care from our Southern Nevada landscaping experts. It happens to the best of us. The good news is that it’s pretty easy for us to come in and trim current vegetation and possibly add some key plants here and there to turn the old planter into a new and beautiful landscape element. Or we can also add a new planter when and where needed/wanted.

3. One of our personal favorite ways to bring a new look to a landscape is by either changing out old decorative rock with a new look of rock or adding a rock element or paved patio installation if one doesn’t exist. Recently we worked with a homeowner and we changed out the backyard decorative rock from a small, 3/4″ red rock to a larger 2-4″ Vista Gold type of rock. The switch made the backyard much more majestic and the owners were thrilled with the results. We offer a large selection of decorative rock for every taste and our landscaping design experts will give you the best advice on what the options can be.

4. Arguably the quickest and prettiest way to make a yard landscape beautiful is by planting flowers or creating a flower bed in addition to planting new shrubs in key areas of a yard. We have seen landscapes go from mundane to beautiful in one day with the addition of new flowers and shrubs that are added to accent the existing landscaping. Our experts can also help with the selection of the best shrubs and flowers that will give you the look and feel that you are seeking. In addition, you may also consider installing fencing to add privacy. A lattice or slotted screen is a type of fence that can have many different uses. Whether you need more privacy in your yard or your fence rattles from the wind, a Lattice Screening might be the right choice. 

5. Lastly, what also makes Las Vegas landscaping shine is proper, ongoing maintenance. You would be surprised at how much better any landscaping can look when you do tree trimming, the grass is maintained on a regular basis, the rocks are cleaned properly, and everything in the yard is ship, shape. In addition to guiding you throughout your landscaping planning process, we also offer ongoing Las Vegas landscaping maintenance with experienced workers who will care about your yard.

Well, we hope some of the above give you some ideas about how to make your Las Vegas landscaping shine.