Lifetime TV’s Celebrity Home Raiders Features Desert Springs Group Landscaping Project

The old saying is that any publicity is good publicity. But here at the Desert Springs Group we are changing that saying to any publicity is GREAT publicity after watching a recent episode of Celebrity Home Raiders on Lifetime Television. The series “raids” the homes of celebrities and gives their fans a chance to get a sneak peak at the regular lives that they live and where they live them. This particular episode featured the Las Vegas home of Pawn Stars legend Rick Harrison, and featured his house, garage, and, we are happy to report, his backyard.

What made the episode even more special to us here at the Desert Springs Group is that Harrison told host Kit Hoover that the backyard was the “best room” in the house. Harrison did admit that it wasn’t a “room”, but it was clear how much he loved the result of the project. Check out the link to the Lifetime TV Show.

Wow. We guess we did our jobs pretty well after hearing high praise like that. Hoover responded by saying, “This is insane … awesome!” after Harrison gave her a tour of the yard. The area includes a large pool, rock structures, and many other beautiful features created specifically for Harrison. Take a look below to watch a sneak peak of the episode.

Special thanks to Rick Harrison and everybody at Celebrity Room Raiders for showing our work. We take pride in every customer we have and to hear people love what we do is music to our ears. –Rob, the owner.