Las Vegas Swimming Pools Construction: Top 10 Ways to Pick Contractor

Spring is in the air and many people in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, and all over Southern Nevada are thinking about putting in a new swimming pool or renovating an existing swimming pool. But how do you choose the best Las Vegas swimming pools contractor or company? Here are the top 10 ways to choose the best Las Vegas swimming pools construction contractor or company. Drum roll, please. In parenthesis, we have added answers about the Desert Springs Group where appropriate.

Las Vegas Swimming Pools Construction

1. Stability–Make sure you hire a company with a proven track record and that can provide positive testimonials from previous customers (Desert Springs Group have been making backyard and swimming pools dreams come true for 20 years and can provide testimonials and swimming pools photos from several satisfied customers).

2. Swimming Pools Design Ability–Do they offer 3D designs in the initial planning process? Does the designer have a lot of experience (Yes Desert Springs Group offers 3D Designs! See photo on this page for a sample)?Las Vegas swimming pools construction 3D design

3. Accessibility–Does the contractor and company have an office? Is there a service department? Basically, when you try and contact the contractor are they responsive and does it feel like they have credibility and a solid home base? Make sure to avoid contractors who appear fly-by-night with no solid home office or base of business. (Visit the Desert Springs Group home office and showroom at 8130 S. Valley View Blvd. LV NV 89139 during business hours or click here for a sneak peak.)

4. Builder or broker–Is the contractor a builder or a broker? A broker merely helps coordinate with several companies and sometimes it is hard to get an answer from a broker because they don’t control each of the different companies working a job. (The Desert Springs Group is a builder and has an overall foreman and owner who keeps everything on track).

5. Security–Does the contractor have an active license and insurance, etc.? (The Desert Springs Group is licensed, bonded, and insured. Contractor #52987).

6. Other services–Does the company offer other services such as landscaping design, pool service, etc.? (Click here to check out everything the Desert Springs Group offers!)

7. Pricing–Do you know what you are getting for the quote provided? Is it fair and reasonable? Are they willing to describe and discuss each item (We offer line items and a very value)?

8. Warranties–Does the company offer warranties on products and services and are they quick to respond to issues? (Desert Springs Group backs up our work with warranties and will detail that to customers with each product).

9. Experts–Does the company employ experts in the industry? Do they keep up to date with trends and technical improvements? (The Desert Springs Group offers a team with more than a combined 100 years of swimming pool building and landscaping experience at every level of a project).

10. Professionalism–Does the company look the part? First impressions are meaningful so when you choose a contractor everything should feel right about the partnership. (At Desert Springs Group we offer a showroom, a proven track record, testimonials, a beautiful online experience, 3D Drawings, an expert staff and more. Our first impressions are lasting impressions.)

If we have earned your potential business feel free to email me, Rob, the owner, at Or call us at 702.436.8080. We appreciate the consideration and are happy to provide free quotes and estimates. Thanks for reading.