Las Vegas Landscaping Ideas About Perennials Shared by Newspaper Expert

We consider ourselves at the Desert Springs Group experts on landscaping in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. But that doesn’t mean we don’t read with interest what other experts are writing. And one of the most interesting to read on a regular basis is Lin Mills, the landscaping and gardening columnist of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He is also the horticulturist of the Las Vegas Springs Preserve and always offers terrific Las Vegas landscaping ideas.

Las Vegas landscaping ideas for Perennials

Recently, Mills wrote a column advising readers about how “perennials” can be the ” “the backbone of your garden.” We totally agree, but before we get into his specific advice, let us first define the term perennials in the landscaping and gardening biz. The official definition from Merriam-Webster is: “of a plant: living for several years or for many years: having a life cycle that is more than two years long.”Perennial flowers chocolate flower

So it’s easy to see why both Mills and I (Rob, the owner of Desert Springs Landscaping) believe that perennials can be among the most important decisions you make when choosing the look and feel of your garden. Growing flowers like perennials can help enhance the beauty of your garden in addition to minimizing some of the work of re-planting flowers that die after one season. But please note, there is some ongoing maintenance needed for perennials so you just can’t plant and forget about them. But some are more heartier than others, and as Mills says so appropriately: “These plants have learned to survive neglect and abuse, only to come back for more. You’ll be glad you planted them for years to come! Because perennials last longer, it’s wise to plan carefully before installing them. Yes, they cost more than annuals. The long-term investment, though, makes them very reasonable.”

Some good perennial choices are the chocolate flower, blackfoot daisy, desert marigold, and tufted evening primrose, among others. We have a beautiful photo of a chocolate flower in this blog, but a great interactive plant guide resource is available at the official website of the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Click now for the official plant guide and you can search any plants or flowers that you wish. The chocolate flower earns its name because the fragrance of the plant offers a hint of chocolate.

The official description of the Chocolate Flower (Berlandiera lyrata) is “bright yellow and red, daisy-like flowers have faint smell of chocolate. Soft green to gray-green foliage. Attractive cup-shaped seedheads. Seeds attract birds. Deadhead throughout the season to extend blooming. In late winter, cut back to foliage crown to stimulate new growth. May reseed in the landscape. Makes a beautiful small accent or boarder plant.”

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