Las Vegas Backyard Renovations Are Like Magic

Sometimes, we feel like magicians when it comes to Las Vegas backyard renovations. When you look at amazing before and after photos of our backyard renovation projects, it is a magical feeling to see the dramatic differences that take place in just a short time period. And, as a reminder, here at Desert Springs Landscaping, we are your one-stop shop for all your Las Vegas backyard and front yard needs from design to construction to maintenance and everything in between. Call us at 436.8080 or send a personal email to

Las Vegas Backyard Renovation Services

And now is the perfect time of year to start planning your backyard construction or renovations. You can check out two of our landscaping and renovation galleries for a look at our work, both before and after. Also included in the landscaping gallery are some examples of our 3D designs that are created for every project that we undertake. These 3D drawings allow our customers to visualize the final product and helps us provide the exact vision our customers desire. The 3D landscaping designs are just one more way we can create our “magic”.Las Vegas backyard renovations at Desert Springs

The renovation services we offer can either take a very bad situation of decay and other issues and turn it into a brand new yard experience or we can just add some nice new features to an existing yardscape that is in need of a few new and nice additions. We can construct and design swimming pools, decks, hot tubs and spas, turf, trees, shrubs, and anything else you want.Las Vegas backyard renovations

Desert Springs Landscaping, LLC is a member of the Desert Springs Group, a partnership of experts in the field of Las Vegas landscaping, pools, and other closely associated businesses (tile, patios, concrete, excavation, etc.). Most of the partners operate under one roof at the large and beautiful showroom located at 8130 S. Valley View Boulevard. At the show room, you can interact with the experts and have all questions answered timely and knowledgeably. Plus view pools, landscapes and more in an air-conditioned setting. We are the landscapers who can do your job.