Fall Back Las Vegas Watering and Sprinkler Schedules in Effect

As most of you know, there are Las Vegas watering guidelines that govern when we can water our lawns and grasses. And as of September 1, it is time to “fall back” to watering only three days per week. But depending on what part of Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, or other area you live, the days on which you are allowed to water will vary. Click now for the official Las Vegas Valley Water District Watering and Sprinkler Schedule and Guide to determine your Las Vegas watering schedule.

Las Vegas Watering Schedule

The following is the official statement from the Las Vegas Valley Water District about the schedules: “Assigned watering groups are mandatory for all customers. Running your landscape irrigation system outside your assigned days is water waste and may result in a water-waste fee or citation.”Las Vegas watering schedules

The District also offers several examples of Water Waste, and asks homeowners to be diligent and prudent about their water use in addition to keeping an eye on their surroundings. Here are some of the examples of Water Waste according the Las Vegas Water officials. Note: In November, the schedule moves to just one day per week.

Water waste is defined by the Service Rules as:

If you are interested in reporting any Water Waste that you see or witness, click now to view this official Water Waste form that you can send in online. About 60% of all water use in Southern Nevada is used outdoors, and much of this water can’t be recycled. Much of the water used indoors can be recycled and that’s why it is so important to curb and preserve as much outdoor water as possible.

The good news is that we here at Desert Springs Landscaping can help you implement a water-smart Las Vegas landscape in addition to offering ongoing maintenance for sprinklers and yards that will keep you compliant within the Las Vegas watering guidelines. Feel free to email me at rob@desertspringslandscapingllc.com or call us at 702.436.8080 with questions or to set up a free consultation.