Las Vegas Water Conservation Tips Include Managing Landscaping

Las Vegas water conservation is important to us here at Desert Springs Landscaping. We try to do our part to ensure that our company and our clients conserve water to the best of our ability. And recently, we noticed a terrific article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal about the outreach efforts of the Southern Nevada Water Authority. The efforts are led by Doug Bennett, the Conservation Manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Bennett takes his job seriously, but also understands there is a balance to beautiful landscapes and water conservation. But people need to be committed to making a difference where they can.

Hints for Water Conservation

“One of our biggest challenges has always been that people have a misunderstanding of what they do to conserve water,” Bennett told Las Vegas Review-Journal Home Editor Hali Bernstein Saylor. “If I asked a group if they conserved water, all would raise their hands. If I asked them what do they do, they would say they turn off the water when they are brushing their teeth. That should not be the No. 1 contribution to water efficiency in the desert. It’s not a big deal. We need people to realize that the bulk of their water use is happening outside their home.”

Among the Las Vegas Water Conservation Tips noted in the article were check for leaks using water meter, properly schedule your watering system, adjust and repair your sprinkler system to achieve more even coverage, install a WaterSense certified smart controller, replace nonfunctional turf with better adapted plantings, and several other tips that are available at You can also view some more of our landscaping tips.

You can also click now to read the entire article at the official Las Vegas Review Journal website. And remember, we here at Desert Springs Landscaping can assist in submitting your new landscaping project for the turf reimbursement, design a new Las Vegas landscaping project, etc. And if you already have a nice landscape, we can provide ongoing Las Vegas landscaping maintenance and ensure that your sprinklers, clocks, pipes, etc. are all working properly and that you are watering on the correct days and times. Thanks for reading and feel free to call us 702.436.8080 or send me (Rob, the owner) at Thanks for reading!