Las Vegas Landscapers Reviews Make Our Day Brighter

We take pride in what we do here at Desert Springs Landscaping. We serve our Las Vegas and Henderson landscaping customers to the best of our ability. It’s always a satisfying feeling to complete a project and see the faces of our customers who now have their dream yard. And what truly makes our day is to view reviews and positive testimonials from those customers. And in taking a looking recently at, it reveals some positive Las Vegas landscapers reviews for our company.

Las Vegas Landscapers Reviews From

Tasha B. writes the following: “Very professional and treated me with respect  even though my knowledge of landscaping is probably frustrating to people within the industry. the meticulous attention to detail was obvious throughout construction and is even more evident now that its almost a yr old. Mario and Joe did fantastic work to keep their crew on the pace necessary to meet the completion date along with making sure they cleaned up after each day. I highly recommend them to anyone considering a landscape project.”Las Vegas landscapers reviews make our day

And from Anne H: “And I’m thrilled and couldn’t be happier with the way our yard turned out. It looks like our own little piece of tropical paradise in the desert! Everything went as I was told and when decisions or changes had to be made the crews always stopped and gave us time to decide. to a company that does this for a living it may be somewhat routine but for us it was definitely a major construction process. We are very thankful for the patience and explaining the crew and designers did for us, making the job feel more comfortable!”

Thank you. And there are several other Las Vegas landscapers reviews at And I hope we can someday earn a testimonial from you. Feel free to call us at 702.436.8080 or email me personally at Desert Springs Landscaping offers every level of Las Vegas landscaping services from design to construction to ongoing maintenance. We offer these services for commercial and homes. Thanks for reading. –Rob.