Star Nursery Landscaping Green Pages Is a Great Tool

Hello again. Rob here from Desert Springs Landscaping, your Las Vegas landscaping experts. But, we know we aren’t the only Las Vegas landscaping experts lurking around these parts. And we aren’t afraid to promote others and link to quality websites that have positive, interesting, and helpful Las Vegas landscaping tips and ideas. And one of the best in this area is the Star Nursery Green Pages newsletter which is published during each of the seasons. We enjoy readling each new issue of the Star Nursery Green Pages, and even going back into the archives and reading older issues. Click now to view the most recent issue of the Star Nursery Green Pages.

Star Nursery Green Pages Information

The most recent issue as of this January 2013 writing is the Winter Issue. Among the helpful landscaping tips are how to fertilize during the winter months. The Green Pages editors hear the same questions we do when it comes to fertilization in the winter. Those questions? Why should I bother because it won’t turn green or grow in the cold, right? Well, yes and know.

From the Green Pages: “As a general rule, most evergreen shrubs and trees do not need fertilizing in the winter because the fertilizer is not broken down very quickly by the bacteria and other soil microbes that perform this function.  This is because the cold weather slows down their activity.  With slower activity, it doesn’t mean they are not working, it just means that it’s going to take more time for them to work.  So, you are not going to see results very quickly.”

But lawns and grasses are a different story. It’s possible to keep your lawn green even in the cold weather if you like seeing the color. But it’s very important to use the correct fertilizer with the proper nutrients. The winter fertilizer must have Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium in the right doses to bring out the green. The good news is that Star Nursery carries Dr. Q’s, a very good fertilizer. For the winter, you can use Royal Flush or Winter Gem.

Also year-round fertilization is important for deciduous trees and shrubs (those losing their leaves). This is important because while it may appear they are dormant when the leaves have all fallen off, the fact is that the roots are still growing and they need nutrients to stay healthy. Cool weather flowers also need to be fertilized every four to six weeks.

Well, there you have it. If you don’t turn to us, turn to the Star Nursery Green Pages or the Star Nursery landscaping experts. But we are always here to offer a free consultation or assistance with any Las Vegas landscaping project, big or small. We can design, construct, renovate, or just about do any commercial or home landscaping or swimming pools project. Call or email me at anytime at 702.436.8080 or