It’s Las Vegas Swimming Pools Construction and Renovation Time

As I write this on December 28th, 2012, the temperature is winter-like, and most likely, your Las Vegas swimming pool isn’t getting much use. If you have a swimming pool, that is. Even if your pool is heated, chances are given the frigid temps, the water isn’t getting used nearly as much as it did during the summer months. So now is the perfect time to be thinking about a Las Vegas swimming pools construction or renovation project. And if you don’t have a Las Vegas swimming pool, maybe now is the time to “jump in” so to speak. And we can assist you in your planning. Click now to learn all about our Las Vegas swimming pools construction and renovations division.

Las Vegas Swimming Pools Construction

As with our Las Vegas landscaping business, we offer true experts that will take your project from start to finish. We will also provide Las Vegas swimming pools construction and renovation consulting. Then once you determine a final plan, we will show you 3d drawings of the entire project. And that’s whether you decide to create an overall landscape plan or if you are focusing solely on the swimming pool construction or renovation.Las Vegas swimming pools

The Desert Springs Group is an industry leader in the field of pool and spa construction and renovation. We have been successfully completing Las Vegas swimming pools projects for more than 20 years.  It’s no surprise that our experience and customer service are the main reasons we are highly respected in the Las Vegas swimming pool renovations, construction and landscaping community. Our ability to consistently execute each and every job along with our comprehensive pool knowledge is what qualifies us for all of your Las Vegas swimming pools and spas renovation and remodeling needs. Please visit the official website of Desert Springs Renovations to learn more about our services.

Desert Springs Renovations specializes in both residential and commercial Las Vegas swimming pools renovations  in addition to remodeling. We can re-plaster your pool and spa or perform a complete and total transformation of your backyard. The possibilities are truly endless. Thanks for reading. Let’s get started. You can click to send info through our contact page, or please feel free to send me (Rob, the owner) a personal email at