Las Vegas Landscaping Can Be Low Maintenance, Big Enjoyment

There are many ideas and ways to go about creating your dream Las Vegas landscaping project. But sometimes it’s tough for people to get started and to determine exactly what they want to do with their yard. And, I agree. It can be a daunting task to figure out the myriad of questions and Las Vegas landscaping ideas and scenarios. Should we install grass? Should we do all desert landscaping? Should we put in trees? If so, what kind? Etc. Etc. Etc.

Here at Desert Springs Landscaping, we offer experts who can assist and help you during your decision making process. And we have the benefit of being able to provide 3D landscape designs that reveal how your Las Vegas landscaping project will look once completed. This really is a wonderful tool to assist and guide your thought process. But another way that we help guide you is to assess what your long term goal of your Las Vegas landscaping project is. Many times, people jump into a project and don’t think about the long lasting results of what they will be planting.

Low Maintenance Las Vegas Landscaping

So, you have to ask yourself, in a couple years where do you see your self and your Las Vegas–or Henderson, Summerlin, Green Valley, North Las Vegas, or Southern Highlands, etc.–landscaping? If you are a big traveler, then maybe you want a more low maintenance design that minimizes a lawn and trees that will shed leaves and other debris continually. But you shouldn’t worry about the look of a low maintenance landscape because we can still create beautiful landscapes while accomplishing a goal of less work in the long run for the homeowner. And a low maintenance landscape design is perfect for retirees or other folks just looking for a relaxing lifestyle.

We also take special care with our customers of fitting in a landscape plan that meshes with the yard. A lot of times you will see overgrown landscapes a few years down the line where homeowners and/or other Las Vegas landscaping companies over planted a yard.  After a couple years, the over planting becomes a big issue once everything matures.

Included in this blog post are a couple photos of some recently completed low maintenance projects. But you can also click to our complete Las Vegas landscaping photo gallery for more photos and Las Vegas landscaping ideas. And click now to send a personal email to me with your landscaping questions or comments to