You Get Las Vegas Landscaping You Want With Guidance From Experts

There’s a Rolling Stones song called, “You can’t always get what you want.” While that is one of the biggest songs in the history of Rock and Roll and of the Rolling Stones, let one thing be clear: it’s not the motto of Las Vegas’ Desert Springs Landscaping company. Not even close (but it is a pretty good song …). Now if Mick and the boys changed the name to “You CAN always get what you want”, maybe that would be our theme because you always get the Las Vegas landscaping designs and ideas–and final product–that you want when you work with our experts.

Las Vegas Landscaping Question of the day

One of the questions we get most from new and potential customers is, “Should we get desert or tropical Las Vegas landscaping?” In this day and age of conservation, that is a valid question and many people don’t sometimes always understand the difference. But what we do upon our initial landscaping consultation is ask many questions and help you determine what ideas, looks, and vegetation you like. Most of our customers have seen other landscaping projects in the Las Vegas area, and have some ideas as to whether they like a grassy look and feel or whether they like more desert vegetation.

In general, if people like grasses we would lead them to a discussion about tropical landscaping. If they like palms and cacti, then we may lead them down the path to more of  a desert landscaping look and feel. Both desert and tropical landscaping can be created so the end result is both beautiful and functional. And we can also help design a Las Vegas yard that incorporates both desert and tropical elements.

But how can we guarantee that you always get what you want? A big advantage that we have is the use of 3D renderings which will give you a very good idea about how your yard will look upon completion. The color 3D landscaping renderings bring your landscaping in Las Vegas ideas to life and allow you to see it, feel it, and make any adjustments you want prior to us putting the first shovel in the ground.

But it’s also OK if you don’t have any idea what you want when we meet with you. We will offer ideas and work with you to ensure you are comfortable with all decisions. As always, thanks for reading this Las Vegas landscaping blog and we look forward to hearing from you about your new landscaping project. We also offer ongoing business or residential maintenance, yard cleanups, swimming pools construction and renovation, spas and hot tubs sales, and pretty much everything else you need to make Las Vegas yard dreams come true. –Rob.