Las Vegas Watering and LandscapingTips For Winter

The calendar is turning ever so quickly to the winter. And that means it’s time to take some precautions to ensure your Las Vegas landscaping comes through the cold months ready to bloom in full come the spring. Here are a few Las Vegas watering and landscaping tips to help your Las Vegas lawns, grasses, trees, shrubs, plants and other vegetation.

Las Vegas Watering and Landscaping Tips

First Las Vegas watering tip: Make sure your sprinklers are set to water only one day per week. There are set Las Vegas watering rules. The Southern Nevada Water Authority mandates this, and in reality, that is plenty of water for your plants and Las Vegas landscaping. Click now to the official website to determine what your set day to water is at the Official Southern Nevada Water Authority Watering Schedule.

Second Las Vegas watering tip: The best time to water is mid-morning. This will avoid the potentially windy afternoons in addition to help prevent early morning icing from occurring. And remember to re-set your sprinkler clocks if you haven’t adjusted them from daylight savings time.

Third Las Vegas watering tip: Be sure to do an inspection of your pipes and sprinkler valves to make sure they are well protected from freezing. Even though we live in a desert, it still gets very cold and below freezing here at times. And there is nothing worse than having a pipe burst. In the winter of 2011-12 we spent a lot of our time repairing burst pipes and valves due to the cold weather. We love the business but we would rather have people call us about creating your dream Las Vegas landscaping than to fix an emergency leak or worse. And, as a note, if you are a client of Desert Springs Landscaping, our Las Vegas landscaping experts will ensure that all of your pipes and valves are well protected from the elements.

As I have mentioned many times during this landscaping in Las Vegas blog, we applaud you if you do your landscaping yourself, but also offer our Las Vegas landscaping services to you if you need them. Please call us at 702.436.8080 or email us at for a free Las Vegas landscaping consultation or to assist you with any other yard needs you may have. We offer maintenance, construction, swimming pools creation or renovation, spas, and pretty much everything in between. And click now for more winter Las Vegas landscaping tips. Thanks for reading. –Rob.