Las Vegas Lawns Need Fertilizer for Winter Green

Hello! It’s amazing but it has already been about seven months since we started this Las Vegas landscaping blog. But it has been a wonderful project and communicating some Las Vegas landscaping tips and ideas has been a pleasure. And now with the calendar turning from fall to winter we thought it would be a good idea to share some more tips with you about how to prepare your Las Vegas lawns and grasses for the winter.

Las Vegas Lawns and Grasses Fertilization

We all like to see our Las Vegas lawns maintain a nice green color throughout the winter. The emerald color is a nice distraction to the chilly temperatures that are soon coming our way. But, you ask, how do you ensure a green lawn? Well, you can call us and we will send out our Las Vegas landscaping experts to fertilize your yard and we guarantee it will look good all year long. We can also take over all lawn and grass maintenance of your yard, allowing you peace of mind and the time to focus on the more enjoyable things in life. Call us at 702.436.8080 or click to email us. Or …Las Vegas lawns and grasses are green

I know there are some do-it-yourself Las Vegas landscapers out there so here are a few things to remember if you will be going it alone this winter. Hopefully you are already on a fertilization schedule but if you aren’t, it’s OK to start with the winter cycle and mid to late November is the time to do it. The Southern Nevada Water Authority reports that fertilization should occur in October, with an aeration, and then another dose  of fertilizer in November to keep the lawn green through the winter. Then fertilize again in the spring. I agree.

From the landscaping experts at “Fertilize in late-September or early-October with a balanced mix of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Fertilizer not only improves turf quality, root growth and color—it also builds cold resistance into your grass. Fertilize once more in November to get your landscape through winter with style.Aerate grass in September or October as well. Compacted soils are all too common here. Aeration boosts water penetration, which reduces runoff on slopes and helps water and fertilizer nutrients get down to the roots. Aerate again in the spring.”

If you are looking for the best fertilizer, please go see our friends at Star Nursery and pick up some Dr. Q’s Winter Gem. You can also ask them for some more advice if you need it. Or, again, give us a call for ongoing maintenance or if you are looking to start other landscaping projects and/or re-designs. Lastly, remember to change your sprinkler schedule to one day per week. But it’s OK to give the lawn a little more water right after fertilization. Thanks for reading! –Rob.