November Las Vegas Landscaping Tips From the Top Gardening Expert

Here we are again with another Las Vegas landscaping blog. It has been our pleasure to start this project earlier this year and to continue to bring you news, information, and other tips from the top Las Vegas landscapers and Las Vegas gardeners. The subject this week is looking at some tips for what to do with your Las Vegas landscape and yards in November.

The air is cooler and the calendar is quickly turning from summer to fall to winter. And November is the perfect time to start and finish some landscaping projects. Many of your warm-weather plants will die while others will stop blooming and growing as the calendar turns to November. The slowing of the growth offers the perfect opportunity to prune your plants and gardens  or completely dig up certain plants.

Also November is the perfect time to plant new trees and plants because the cooler weather will allow the roots to take good hold prior to the heat of the following season. But make sure you plan properly prior to planting to ensure you are putting the new vegetation in an area that can handle it once the tree or plant has grown. You never want a tree to grow into a home or over a neighbor’s fence once it matures.

Another good tip to use if for those of you who may enlist the help of a Las Vegas landscaping expert in your efforts to tune up your Las Vegas yard. Sometimes at this time of year a lot of so-called Las Vegas landscaping experts come out of the woodwork and offer Las Vegas landscaper services at very low cost. They portray themselves as very knowledgeable about all things landscaping in Las Vegas. But be careful because hiring the wrong person or company to trim your trees or plants can have devastating results. We urge you to find another qualified Las Vegas landscaping contractor even if you decide not to work with us here at Desert Springs Landscaping.

Heed the words of Lin Mills if you don’t believe us. Mills is the Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist and lead horticulturist for the Las Vegas Valley Water District: “The first tree hackers of the year usually appear about November, butchering mulberries back to stumps. In most cases, these hackers are fly-by-nighters — here today, gone tomorrow. Don’t let somebody you don’t know prune your trees on the spot; instead, get a phone number and call them back only if their credentials check out with city or county business licensing. Some of the same guys who bill themselves as tree trimmers have a sideline business selling firewood, thus giving them an incentive to remove the maximum amount of wood. But nothing is harder on trees than removing all the growth, as the hackers do. The open wounds allow a bacterial disease to enter and there isn’t a cure. Wait until the trees shed their leaves to do the pruning right.” Click now to read more from Lin Mills Las Vegas Gardening tips.

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