Device Could Help Save Water on Your Las Vegas Landscaping

Hello again. This is Rob, the owner of Desert Springs Landscaping LLC. Today we offer yet another Las Vegas landscaping blog. We look to the future about a new device on the market that can actively track the water needs of everyday homeowners. And who doesn’t want to save money and water on their Las Vegas landscaping? By using this device you will also be helping the environment. Click now for more Las Vegas landscaping blogs.

The new landscape water monitoring device was developed by WaterDex. A main advantage from previous similar devices is that the Water Dex solution retails for about half of the others. They sold for $200 or more.

Here is the official description of the Water Dex: “With weather conditions and watering requirements changing daily, it’s critical to ensure your plants are getting just the right amount of water. So how much water does your yard need? WaterDex will do the calculations for you! We deliver a nationwide zip code specific watering index number to you every day. You can get your daily water index value right here on our site or better yet sign up for automated reminders. Simply receive your index and turn the dial to that specific number. Stop over-watering and overspending. WaterDex is simple to use and simple to save.”

Company co-founder Matt Davenport has been asked to make a presentation during the WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition which is Oct. 3 to 5 in Las Vegas. The conference is organized by the Southern Nevada Water Authority along with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense Program. Other agencies are also involved.

The Water Dex

“WaterDex not only has the ability to help consumers reduce their water bills, but if enough people use the product it could significantly reduce water waste at a time when water agencies across the country are facing increasing shortages,” Davenport was quoted by writer Ken Clark. Estimates are that homeowners over water lawns by 20-50%, and the Water Dex will track water needs to dramatically cut that rate thus saving money, water and the environment.

And that is a win, win, win in my book. Thanks for reading and we will be keeping a close eye on this product to see how much of an impact it can make. But it’s a great thing that companies are working on ways to help you save money and water. And remember you can call 702.436.8080 or email us at anytime with your Las Vegas landscaping questions.–Rob.