Las Vegas Gardening Experts Reveal Summer Tips and Ideas

Hello, Rob here again from Desert Springs Landscaping, LLC, your Las Vegas and Southern Nevada landscaping and gardening experts. With this blog, we focus in on some Las Vegas gardening and landscaping tips and ideas.

First off is that many of you refer to landscaping as “gardening” while others refer to “gardening” as landscaping. We believe that those of you from back East probably call working in your yard “gardening” while those who are from the west are more likely to call it “landscaping”. So we decided to check out the official definitions, just for the heck of it.

Gardening–The first time the term “garden” was used is estimated at 1577. And the definition is, “To cultivate (a plot of ground) as a garden.”

Landscaping — To adorn or improve (a section of ground) by contouring and by planting flowers, shrubs, or trees. Or to arrange grounds artistically as a profession. The word landscape dates back to the 16th century when artists referred to areas in their paintings as “landscapes”. It wasn’t for several years before people started to refer to real-life areas as landscapes.

Well, there you have it. It may not help you in your landscaping or gardening project or idea, but now you have a little more back ground. Hey, we try to bring you a little bit of everything with this landscaping blog. For those who are planning a large-scale landscaping project, you may need a professional commercial dump truck service, as well as tree care and landscaping experts to achieve your dream landscape. 

Now for the landscaping and gardening tip of the moment. For this tip, we turn to Lin Mills, a horticulturist for the Las Vegas Valley Water District at the Springs Preserve. He also writes a weekly column for the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“Heat brings out the worst in our gardening ability,” writes Mills. “Whatever you have done wrong is apt to show up this time of year. So July is a good month to look for problems, and plan how to fix them.” He lists a check list of several areas you can focus on in July and the summer. But for us, we thought the advice about your choice of plants to be the most compelling.

Mills writes: “Evaluate your landscape while the heat is at its worst. It might be time to replace those problem plants with heat-tolerant plants. Tour your neighborhood and the valley and note those plants that consistently look good. Postpone actually replacing plants until September, unless there is some urgent reason to do it now.” Click now for other helpful Las Vegas and Southern Nevada landscaping tips from Lin Mills.

The good news for you is that we can also assist you in  helping you determine what are the best plants for your landscape–or garden. It can even vary by where you plant them in your yard. For full Las Vegas sun, you will need a very resistant plant. An example is Lantana. For areas in the shade, you can probably get away with other vegetation. A good example of this is Star Jasmine.