Las Vegas Landscaping Lawn and Grasses Tips From the Experts

It is has been very enjoyable sharing information with you via this Las Vegas and Southern Nevada landscaping blog. As always, we are happy to give you the best Las Vegas landscaping tips we can find or you can call us at 702.436.8080 or email us if you would like us to handle all of your Las Vegas landscaping design, maintenance or renovation needs. We are family owned Southern Nevada landscapers and fully certified.

So what’s going on in the world of Las Vegas landscaping? As we sometimes do, we take a look at the popular “Green Pages” the newsletter from Star Nursery. This quarterly has a ton of terrific information whether you are a do-it-yourself landscaper or have your landscaping maintenance done by a company. One of our favorite parts of the Green Pages is the “Ask Dr. Q” area, where everyday readers submit questions to this landscaping expert. Dr. Q is the name given to the line of fertilizers, soils, grass seeds, etc. developed by the landscaping experts at Star Nursery.

Recently Dr. Q answered an inquiry about how to know when it is time to fertilize a lawn. Once again, his advice was right on the money. Dr. Q wrote: “Most seasonal lawn fertilizers call for feeding every 4-6 weeks. Slow release types are usually effective for 8-12 weeks. Some publications and garden gurus call for feeding on every 3-day weekend. Factors like soil condition and frequency of irrigation also affect fertilization. Hard, crusty soil or heavy thatch prevents nutrients from effectively reaching the lawn’s root system while over watering leaches the nutrients away before they can be absorbed. Most people tend to over fertilize. This is bad for the environment and bad for the pocketbook. Use good cultural practices, i.e., proper mowing, raking and watering, then let your grass tell you when it needs food. Look at your lawn critically every few days. If the color is nice and green, don’t fertilize. If the color is a little bit off, or light, feed the lawn. Many people using this method find that they only fertilize about 3-4 times a year.”

Well, now you know and you can keep your Las Vegas lawns and grasses on track or keep your landscaping company honest. Whatever the case we hope you found this helpful. As always, please call us at 702.436.8080 or email us with any questions or comments. And we would love to work with you on your Las Vegas landscaping project or offer our ongoing Las Vegas landscape maintenance.