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Hello, again. Rob here from Las Vegas’ Desert Springs Landscaping, LLC. We have been serving the landscaping needs of home owners and business owners in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Green Valley, Henderson and all of Southern Nevada for more than two decades. We can be your Las Vegas landscapers of choice. We specialize in landscape maintenance, new construction and projects, remodels, and more. Call 702.436.8080 or email us anytime for a free quote or consultation. We recently created this new Las Vegas landscape website to give you a look at our company but also to help you get comfortable when you are planning a major landscape project or looking to hire a Las Vegas landscape maintenance company. We are a fully-licensed Las Vegas landscape contractor.

As always, we like to offer you some Las Vegas landscape information, tips and ideas with this blog. And for this entry, we thought we might help you understand some of the terminology that is thrown around out there by Las Vegas landscape experts and landscape architects in general. I know that sometimes it is hard to understand what they are talking about when they throw around terms like xeriscape, hardscape, and other technical terms. Here at Desert Springs Landscaping, we always want you to be comfortable.

Xeriscape–This term was created by the Denver Water company, and the company actually owns the trademark to the term and logo but it is often used these days without attribution. From official definition: “Xeriscaping is a water conservation concept that originated in Colorado. Eventually the idea spread throughout the west to utilize water efficient landscape designs to save water, but were also attractive. The term xeriscape comes from xeros, the Greek word for dry. Combined with scape which literally means a picture or a view of a type of scene, we have the term for a dry landscape. Many people have a negative association with this word, thinking that all xeriscapes are hot, hostile and very thorny. Some associate the term with minimal plant material and lots of rock. To some, the incorrect use of the word is xero-scape, which equates to nothing! Actually, xeriscaping can and often is very attractive, quite lush and extremely colorful.” Click for more from this landscape article at

Hardscape–All of the non-living elements of a landscape are called ‘hardscape’. This includes patios, decks, rock or brick walls, paths, and walkways. Water-features such as ponds and pool are considered hardscape elements. In urban settings, hardscape may be the only form of landscaping feasible due to lack of exposed soil. Read more

Softscape–All of the living, horticultural aspect of an outdoor setting are the ‘softscape’. Examples of softscape include grass lawns, shrubbery, trees and flowers.

Well now you know some of the landscape terminology used in Las Vegas and beyond. You probably had an idea but now you really know. If you found this landscape information helpful, keep Desert Springs Landscaping in mind for your Southern Nevada or Las Vegas landscaping needs. Email us now for more information. We will be back with more soon. Thanks for reading!

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