Expert Says It Is OK to Remodel Your Las Vegas Landscaping and Offers Tips

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But while we have been serving the landscaping needs of Southern Nevada for more than two decades, we understand we aren’t the only landscaping experts in the area. And we continually read and learn from other Southern Nevada landscaping professionals. For this entry, we take a look at a column by Las Vegas Review-Journal gardening expert Linn Mills. He is the horticulturalist for the Las Vegas Valley Water District at the popular Springs Preserve.

Previously he wrote an article entitled, “Don’t be afraid to remodel your landscape.” Naturally as a landscaping company that specializes in landscape remodeling and construction, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. And with spring in bloom, now is the perfect time to get moving on your landscaping project.

“Is it time to change your landscape?” Mills asked in the first sentence of the article. “None of us likes to talk about change,” he continued. “I hate removing, rearranging or redoing anything in my yard. Those trees and shrubs have become sacred to me. But just like cars, landscapes need to be overhauled or junked at some point.”

Mills is correct in this point. How many of you live in a home that was landscaped by previous owners who wanted to have the young project look lush and because of that overplanted the yard? Or maybe it wasn’t an owner but you who were “guilty” of cramming a lot of young plants and trees into an area that would become overcrowded in five or 10 years. It is very common and nobody should feel bad about this. But we can help make your transition and remodel very easy.

And Mills even gives us “landscape architects” a plug (thank you again, Mr. Mills!) “Here’s how to avoid wholesale changes with your project,” writes Mills. “Bring in a landscape architect, who might save most of your plants. The fee isn’t as high as one might expect. Let the expert’s talents turn your dreary landscape into a showplace. The architect will walk through your yard with you to determine your needs and the status of existing plants to decide what must go and what can stay.” Click now to read this very interesting and informative Las Vegas landscaping article.

And when you are ready, we are here to help. Feel free to call or email us with your landscaping needs and ideas. Call us at 702.436.8080. Thanks for reading and see you in the yard soon.

Remodel Your Las Vegas Landscaping