Las Vegas Landscaping Company Features Experts

Las Vegas landscaping is considered by many to be an art form. Just look around Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Boulder City, Anthem, Southern Highlands, and many other areas, and you see high quality examples of Las Vegas landscaping projects. The company behind of lot of those? Desert Springs Landscaping, a company that features a combined 40+ years of landscaping in Las Vegas experience.Las Vegas lanscaping

Desert Springs Landscaping is a full-service, one stop company that offers a team of Las Vegas landscaping experts. The company also has the ability to create and fulfill every detail of a Southern Nevada landscaping project from the planning to the construction to the maintenance. Desert Springs Landscaping also can assist with the building and renovation of swimming pools, patio covers, and other main parts of a yard landscaping project.

Las Vegas landscaping experts

“We take very seriously our relationship with our customers, and over the years we have helped fulfill the landscaping dreams of many, many families,” says Rob Desjardins, owner. “There’s something very rewarding about helping a customer plan and create what ends up being something they will enjoy for lifetime. It’s also a big responsibility. That is why we work with the team of experts that we do. And we also want people to understand that we offer every level of project. We can do a small renovation to become more drought friendly to a huge yard that needs major work and details.”

Desert Springs can make any Las Vegas landscaping project dream become a reality. A key to the success of the company is the utilization of 3d design technology that brings to life exactly what a project will look like upon completion. Without this tool, it can be difficult for a company to ensure it is providing the exact design that a customer is seeking.

Click now to check out some examples of the Las Vegas landscaping 3d designs, which have been completed for previous satisfied clients. So whenever you are ready, give us a call at 702.436.8080 or send Rob a personal email at

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